Professional Development

Game Development

Outside of my personal projects, I have also worked at Amplify in Brooklyn, NY  as a fronend developer/gameplay programmer intern on a set of educational games targeting early readers. Each game was a small minigame that focused on one skill that helped early readers with an area of comprehension. The areas being targeted were based on academic articles published by authors in the field of education.

My role was to take a set of ideas, create initial prototypes for each idea that could be placed in front of kids of the correct age and reading level, make changes to the games based on feedback, and then take some of the games to full production.

I worked at Amplify for ~5 months.

Video of Product Description:

Software Development


I worked at HP Inc. in Boise, ID for 3 years as a cloud software developer. There were two groups I worked in, one was creating a printer management solution for small to medium businesses and the other was