Appeasing Mangicalla



Appeasing Mangicalla is a small single-player rogue-like that runs in a Windows Console application. Your objective is to travel through the single level of the dungeon and clean out all the monsters. This was a school project that focused on looking at A* pathfinding, simple field of view, and creating a game from scratch with no graphics pipeline.


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Genre: Roguelike

Development Team Size: 2

Development Time: 3 weeks

Development Role: Gameplay Programmer, Lead Design

Key Features Delivered:

  1. Architecture and Structure for Project- Basic game loop, update cycle for player state, and draw pipeline.
  2. Level Design- Ability to read levels from a file.
  3. Player Movement and Actions.
  4. Enemy Movement and Actions.
  5. Player Field of View

Additional Resource Links:

  1. Code Repository
    • Download the full game, it includes a README.txt for how to play. WARNING: This game was compiled using Windows specific C features and runs with a .exe executable. It is untested and unlikely to work with Unix or Mac OS.

Additional Credit:

  1. Additional Gameplay Programming – Akshay Rachapudi. Major contribution with A* pathfinding and linking to player field of view.